SET UP Fighters have four stats Power (P), Toughness (T), Agility (A) and Special (S), a fighters stats can be any number between 2 and 9 as long as the total of a fighter’s four stats equals 24. The game is played on a 1×8 grid. One fighter begins on the 4th space in, the […]


Easy Terrain: Craters

Good for Bolt Action, 40k, especially good for Lunar if you skip a step, and of course good for Deathzap! Start out with a foil pie plate: Then mash it into your basic shape: I then coated the entire thing in texture paint. Mine is home made and hard wearing. It’s a mix of filler, […]

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Getting Stranger

That strange creativity flow hasn’t yet slowed down it seems as over the last week I’ve been adding even more odd creations to my collection. Starting with some town guards, they were your garden variety plastic knight figures in rough 54mm scale, with head replacements and added cocktail sticks. One guys weapon was replaced with […]

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Let go and get weird

The wife and I went to the Broomhill Estate for our Wedding Anniversary (7 years) and took in some art. A lot of it was the sort of stuff you look at and don’t really ‘get’. But one piece really did get me. It’s called ‘Welcome to the Third Millennium’ by artist Mike Roles. It’s […]

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Reducing my hobby debt

As previously mentioned I’m tracking my hobby spending this year and the value of finished models and trying to make the latter exceed the former. I think rather than talking about piles of shame a hobby debt or deficit is a little healthier. I shouldn’t feel guilty for buying things I want, but keeping an […]

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WW2 Fantasy Figures?

So I’ve painted those previously mentioned Dwarves. For some reason I chose to mostly limit myself to using Citadel washes. The clothing was either Athonian Camoshade or Coelia Greenshade, all leather, pouches, straps and wood was given a coat of Agrax Earthshade, the skin Reikland Fleshshade and the metal Drakenhof Nightshade. The beards got a […]

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What’s on the desk? 21/05/22

I suppose I’ve never really done hobby updates, but in a relatively slow week I thought why not? The week has mostly been slow due to work being extremely tiring and me preaching this Sunday so a lot of my free time was preparing for that. I painted up my Alien Recon Mercenaries from Irregular […]

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Is this how to paint fire?

It was hard to think of a title for this post that didn’t make me sound like a know it all. So now I’m just going to talk about how one of the best painters I’m aware of does things incorrectly. Darren Latham: Darren painted this Avatar and did an incredible job, there’s no denying […]

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Some Most Irregular Warbands

I’ve been itching for a number of reasons, (the main one I’ll talk about later) the other reason is to do with my Universal Skirmish rules. I keep rewriting them, writing entirely new skirmish rule sets and trying out all sorts of odd mechanics, but I haven’t got anything solid enough yet for a good […]

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Cheap 1/72 Knights

For those interested in 20mm Medieval, Fantasy or Turnip28 (Turnip20) there are cheap and decently scaled knights for your modelling/ gaming pleasure. They can be bought here. 200 figures for £11.99, so what do you get exactly? A standard bag of boys: There are 12 poses in total, and I’m no expert on this period […]

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Building a Bolt Action Board

A friend and I have been getting more into Bolt Action lately, and we needed a table to play on. He being a very handy man set us up with two 2’x4’ boards to play on. He then braced each board so we weren’t concerned about warping, and then over the past week I set […]

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The Forest vs The Bobbies

Our forces are as follows: The Bobbies: 1 Inspector – Gunslinger, 15 Might 1 Detective – Gunner, 15 Might 1 Headsman – Berserker, 15 Might 1 Sarge – Soldier, 15 Might 2 Bobbies with Rifles – Soldier, 10 Might 2 Bobbies – Warrior, 10 Might The Forest – 1 Witan – Monster, 32 Might 4 […]

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