Zombie Goofy and Dark Disney

The wife and I occasionally go to Disney World in Florida. This is entirely my fault. I had enough money once to plan a big holiday. There were suggestions of Tokyo, New York, but with all the various anxieties I have and knowing my wife was a Disney fan I suggested heading to the safe […]

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Evil Sully

From time to time the wife and I head off to sunny, sticky Florida and engage in a bit of Disney. I like going, I love the attention to detail, the atmosphere, it’s like a huge wargaming terrain project where different worlds are faked into believable existence. Alas however I’m unable to engage in some […]

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Disneyland Paris

It rained a lot and the food was pricey. And the defensive capabilities of their fortifications are severely lacking. The do have dragons though. And ‘Its a Small World’ has some examples of boys in red. A frontier fort yielded some good scenes of the Old West. And I did manage to find a tub […]

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