The Cosmic Warrior

So as I was skulking around the local discount shops and came across the following:

Covered in stolen Transformers artwork and a clear rip-off off of a Gundam design, I felt this ‘Cosmic Warrior’ was useful for filling out the ranks of my Allegiance of Gnossos army for Deathzap.

Painted up and battle damaged, I’m really happy with this guy. It’s pushing me to write fuller rules for armour in Deathzap, but I’ll only know after more play testing, armour hasn’t yet played much of a role in my games.

I’m calling it the ‘Wautomata’ which is a shortened version of War Automata. In Deathzap I’m unsure as to whether it’ll count as a monster or vehicle, but it’ll definitely count as being elite, armoured and having two heavy auto weapons.