Irregular Miniatures – ‘Mobile Suits’

Irregular Miniatures has some fun corners to explore, and one such place is their 6mm sci-fi range, here halfway down the page you’ll find their ‘Mobile Suits’ section containing one product for £13.20 a set of four robots and rules to use with them. The robots have two shoulder pegs to attach arms to and Irregular provide you with a ton of options there! I think I worked out out of this simple little set you can produce around 200 different varieties of robot, not bad! So how do the Miniatures stack up?

Well ‘quirky’ is what I’d call them. They’re fairly odd designs and anyone who has scrolled through the Irregular website will notice parts of these robots have been pilfered from other ranges. But I have to say I do like them quite a bit, but I’m always a fan of strange Miniatures.

The best of the robots in my opinion is probably this guy, who I noticed was a battle robot from their 15mm sci-fi range with added bits. All the figures come on hexagonal bases, but I rebased mine on wooden circles.

I love the use of their 2mm scale two legged walkers to make this guy’s legs!

The strangest overall design is this guy, which I noticed was a spaceship with legs glued on.

The largest is this fella who comes in at around 6cm tall.

So that’s the figures, and once I play a game, I’ll let you know how the rules stack up too!