A Deathzap Campaign: Oltra

The dark planet of Kannis is a patchwork of abandoned facilities and factories. The planet is rich in natural resources, but strange occurrences have put a stop to progression. There are whispers of ghosts, strange mutations among the populace and dark, arcane rituals carried out by cloaked figures in the shadows. Mortan’s Men a faction of terraformers turned religious zealots has arisen on the planet and are hostile to any outside intrusion making it difficult for any forces to gain a foothold on the planet surface. All factions turned to Oltra, Kannis’ moon, the perfect place to build up military might for a full planetary invasion. The Jendari Collective and House Baranor put aside their differences for the vast natural resources on Kannis and joined with the Hegemony of Synthos forming the SynJen Alliance. The Alliance quickly expanded their base of operations on Oltra, their numbers overwhelming any other faction. In opposition to Alliance efforts came the Legion of Kharthion, the League of Zandor and the Alliegiance of Gnossos forming the A.L.L in desperation.

House Baranor comitted Reddinist forces to the conflict. Their lack of technological advancement is made up for by their stubborness on the battlefield. The Alliance saw the Reddinist forces fight alongside the Su Khan of the Jendari Collective and the Synthos.

The League of Zandor here in their classic red, black and gold uniforms provided most of the forces for the A.L.L. This is due to Gnossos having a  much smaller population that most other worlds, and due to the Legion of Kharthion suffering heavy casualties during the early phases of the Synthos Uprising 1998AC.

The final faction seen in the campaign are Mortan’s Men themselves. siding with neither the SynJen Alliance or the A.L.L, Mortan’s Men are determined to keep their activities on Kannis and their involvement with whatever is behind the strange occurences both safe and secret.

My goal here is to allow the outcomes of whatever games I play with these seven forces dictate the development of Deathzap’s story. While I won’t be playing full military campaigns with only a platoon for each belligerent, I see my future games as playing out the pivotal actions that turned the tides of those larger operations. The skirishes that won the actions that won the battles that won the war.

As a note for hobbying, I think Deathzap 2 will have random squad activation based on a deck of cards, meaning I needed to number squads, so you would know when a squad was activated. I didn’t want to have lots of counters on the table, certainly not one just to depict a squads number and I don’t like having to pick up figures or check the underside of their bases either. Then I realised I could easily number my squads in basing them. The number of light green grass tufts on a squads base determine which squad they are in!

That’s now:

463 minis painted.

401 bought.

As I picked up two boxes of Guardians for Craftworld Ashon Sen

2 thoughts on “A Deathzap Campaign: Oltra

  1. I like it – the armies are so colourful, even I can see who is who! I guess camouflage isn’t a big consideration on Oltra…

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