Death Guard Update

So I’ve been yearning to post on an unwieldy number of projects lately, I’m suffering from a little creativity overload which happens from time to time (at least for me it does). It’s when you keep starting and getting excited about so many new projects you never make too much progress in any single area. However I have been making pretty amazing progress on my Death Guard army probably because I’ve got a game tomorrow…

I’ve kept to that aesthetic I established with my Pox Walkers and I’ve also made the entire army other than a single Plague Burst Crawler from stuff I already had getting me around 2000pts for mostly free. To keep this post simple and because I’m already thinking about 400 other things to do the rest of this post will be fancy pics, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the continued support!

2 thoughts on “Death Guard Update

  1. Theyre looking mega mate. Can’t wait to bring the emperor’s judgement to them!

    For the emperor and sanguinius!

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