Buried Treasure!

My Aunt and Uncle sent me a package this week. I enjoyed looking at the box quite a bit, but I wasn’t ready for what was inside:

I let out a childhood squee when I saw the sort of thing that I enviously see in the possession of the Man of Tin.

I formed piles of the various ‘sets’ as best I could, leaving the odd ancient or napoleonic figure in the box since the bulk was WW2. Now I’m wondering if you can help me out?

What are these figures, I mean I’m aware they’re 8th Army and Afrika Korps, but who made them?

I like their far simpler design than their airfix counterparts. Scrolling through the plastic soldier review site was no help in identifying them. My uncle couldn’t remember either.

The Baron kept an eye on proceedings, ever vigilant!

6 thoughts on “Buried Treasure!

  1. Fantastic – were you pleased or disappointed whn Those are the earliest versions of the Airfix 8th Army and Afrika Korps sets, both were subsequently replaced by new sets of new sculpts, which included scaled down versions of the 1:32 figures. The Plastic Soldier site calls these ‘type 1’ figures, and there is a link to them in the descriptions under the ‘type 2’ sets…

  2. Buried treasure indeed! Those are the figures used and converted by John Sandars in His Airfix Guides and Introduction to Wargaming.

    Regards, Chris.

  3. I can second that – I had these very figures – Airfix 8th Army. I also had Afrika Korps but I think they may have been later ones as they were a different colour plastic, grey if memory serves.

  4. I can go one better than just identifying those two sets. Looking at your second photo of the ‘piles’ and going from the top left-hand corner, you have (all Airfix):
    Series 1 Russian infantry (the grey figures)
    A mix of series 1 and series 2 Africa Korps, plus series 1 German infantry
    The single figure in front with the SMG is series 2 Africa Korps
    Series1 Eighth Army
    Series 1 US Marines
    A lone series 1 British Paratrooper
    Series 1 British Commandos
    Series 1 Japanese Infantry
    A lone series 1 US Marine at top right
    Yes, I had (and still have) all of those figure sets

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