Easy Terrain – Wrecked Cars

The 1/72ish scale figures I’m now using for Deathzap are a good match for your standard discount shop toy cars. Destroyed civilian vehicles aren’t often something you see on a gaming table but I think they add a lot, they take a set up from an arena for doing battle to a place people actually used to live and work in.

Most of your cheap toy cars are of a sports variety and have a sci-fi ish look to them which is perfect for my purposes.

Turning a fresh car into a wreck is fairly easy. Don’t bother repainting the car like so many do, the manufacturer already did that for you. Instead attack it with a drill (for bullet holes) and a file to chip off paint and add scratches. Then get your wife who has a sadistic love of smashing things to hit it a few times with a hammer.

The final step is to use cheap black acrylic paint to coat the car and then before it dries rub the majority of the paint off with a cloth.

As I said I think a few wrecks make a big difference:

One of the cars was a little too damaged for use and was showing off the lack of detail on the inside. To fix this I shoved clump foliage into the gap and set it hard with super glue. I then drybrushed it up to look like fire, I’m really happy with the effect:

4 thoughts on “Easy Terrain – Wrecked Cars

  1. Love it, but I guess which vehicles you use depends on how you imagine your worlds. Personally I’d add a few battered buses & trucks!

  2. As soon as I find some that look appropriate I’ll definitely be adding those too. I’m also on the hunt for other common street furniture, benches, bins, dumpsters, street lights etc.

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