A Packaging Fortress

The worlds of Deathzap are pockmarked by defensive structures and fortifications, not just due to the number of wars humans have had in the past but also there are remains of structures built by the Korban the reptilian race that previously lived on the planet Jendar.

I found one of these bits of packaging lying around as we were helping a friend move in to our house this weekend. It’s almost an instant fortress. Perfect size too!

I have two and as a friend suggested it would be a good idea to build extra parts, towers, gun emplacements, put in an entrance etc. I really like that idea and am going to jump on it with the second one. This one is more of a test of the material itself, plus I wanted that old abandoned alien structure look.

I coated the outside with a layer of pva glue and toilet paper to add strength and also built up the sides with handfuls of loo roll completely saturated in a glue and water mix. The sides took a while to dry but are now rock hard.

I added sand to the inside floor and to the outside part and then painted it:

The whole thing is mounted on and table placemat for stability. Tufts, flock, clump foliage and static grass all finish it off.

My current rules for Deathzap don’t really have rules for fortifications so it will be a good opportunity to try something new, a nice siege scenario with the defenders waiting for a relief force could be very fun.

As an additional bonus it’s a pretty scale and genre agnostic piece of terrain too which is nice.

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