Building a Bolt Action Board

A friend and I have been getting more into Bolt Action lately, and we needed a table to play on. He being a very handy man set us up with two 2’x4’ boards to play on.

As you can see our first game wasn’t exactly pretty, but it was more than functional.

He then braced each board so we weren’t concerned about warping, and then over the past week I set about prettying them up.

We were initially hoping to simply cover them with a grass mat, but finding ours were ever so slightly too small, we opted to cut them up and fill in the gaps with texture paint.

It was roughly half a centimetre of space all around the edge.

The grass mat was cut up into fields and each was sprayed with varying shades of green and brown to create variation. The texture paint is a mix of filler, sand, pva glue and brown paint.

Rinse and repeat.

I tried to make it so each board could be rotated and placed on either side of the the board for maximum variations.

I then broke things up further with patches of static grass, and used some basic sawdust flock for dead leaves.

Wanting a bit more scatter terrain I rolled up some spare bits of the grass mat and glued static grass to either end:

After a yellow spray I felt they made rather effective hay bales:

Basic paint jobs on our buildings that need a few touch ups was the final thing, and our game last night looked far better than our first:

It will even work for Deathzap!

8 thoughts on “Building a Bolt Action Board

  1. Ha ha! I did wonder actually, after I made them I remembered the scene in Band of Brothers where the bales are massive piles rather than small and round. I’m sure they’ll still fit in to all my other games lol.

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