Cheap 1/72 Knights

For those interested in 20mm Medieval, Fantasy or Turnip28 (Turnip20) there are cheap and decently scaled knights for your modelling/ gaming pleasure. They can be bought here. 200 figures for £11.99, so what do you get exactly?

A standard bag of boys:

There are 12 poses in total, and I’m no expert on this period but I think you’d say they were a mix of early and late, some recognisably Crusades era, some more 100 Years War? Again I’m no expert, I just like Knights.

I think the chainmail hanging from the helmet on the guy on the right below is Russian? So a mix of nationalities as well as era.

There’s also a distinct lack of shields on a few poses too, so you may want to grab some drawing pins or acrylic nails to mock up your own.

The archer below is the only ranged option you have and I’m not entirely sure what he’s supposed to be holding, I assume it is an oversized arrow, but I think if you cut off the part below his hand you could turn it into a convincing sword.

The poses are decently dynamic, and the moulds seem good enough to keep annoying flash at bay.

The only real downside is a few holes in some figures where I guess enough plastic wasn’t injected in to fill up everything, or it’s trapped air? But they can easily be filled with a little green stuff or milliput.

Scale wise they are 1/72 and to prove it here one is next to an Italeri figure. I’ll let the 1/72 connoisseurs let me know where these figures are copied from as I don’t recognise any of them.

You can buy them in multiple different colours if painting isn’t your thing which is always handy. Unfortunately I haven’t found any cavalry for a decently cheap price, but for a lot of games you wouldn’t need many cavalry anyway, I was thinking for DBA or HoTT you could get enough cavalry for two armies out of a single Italeri box.

In other news…

In the interest of getting my painted figures up I completed a Soviet Assault Engineers squad for Bolt Action yesterday:

Painted £369.51

Bought £583.06

3 thoughts on “Cheap 1/72 Knights

  1. If I didn’t have so many other figures to paint I would certainly get a bag of these little fellas.

  2. Cesar miniatures from two different sets. By the way, they produce a large number of very high quality historical and fantasy sets in 1/72.

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