Quarantine Painting Projects

So over the last week I’ve been picking up those abandoned painting projects and either finishing them off or starting a few for the first time.

I’ve painted three warbands for Darkfell. Zombie pirates and their controlling Voodoo Priests…

Some Landschneckts…

And some bizarre animal based knights.

All minis are from Irregular and have their usual quirky style.

I’ve also painted some Starguard Miniatures from Tin-Soldier in the US.

First up was a group of Ralnai Power Armoured troops…

And second up was some Armoured Alin Ru’…

Most things this week were done quickly with a goal to getting them finished and on to the table rather than painting for display purposes, however I am rather happy with my results.

Additionally I’ve painted a full 2mm Saxon army organised for Neil Thomas’ Ancient and Medieval Wargaming rules.

I have since decided that the Dark Ages are probably one of the more boring periods to do in this scale, so I’m not sure when I’ll get round to the Vikings.

After this lot:

379 minis bought.

289 minis painted.

Only 90 behind. I’ve got some small scale stuff I can use to catch up quickly so you might be seeing more 2mm, 10mm and 15mm in the near future.

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