Getting Stranger

That strange creativity flow hasn’t yet slowed down it seems as over the last week I’ve been adding even more odd creations to my collection. Starting with some town guards, they were your garden variety plastic knight figures in rough 54mm scale, with head replacements and added cocktail sticks. One guys weapon was replaced with […]

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Reducing my hobby debt

As previously mentioned I’m tracking my hobby spending this year and the value of finished models and trying to make the latter exceed the former. I think rather than talking about piles of shame a hobby debt or deficit is a little healthier. I shouldn’t feel guilty for buying things I want, but keeping an […]

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Some Most Irregular Warbands

I’ve been itching for a number of reasons, (the main one I’ll talk about later) the other reason is to do with my Universal Skirmish rules. I keep rewriting them, writing entirely new skirmish rule sets and trying out all sorts of odd mechanics, but I haven’t got anything solid enough yet for a good […]

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Cheap And Plastic Fantasy Figures

Wargamers really are spoilt for choice these days. It wasn’t that long ago that the only easily available fantasy figures in plastic were sold by Games Workshop. Now however there’s Mantic’s Kings of War line, North Star’s Frostgrave and Oathmark (that they make with Osprey), Fireforge Games’ Forgotten Worlds and Warlord Games’ Warlords of Erewhon […]

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Bronepehota (Armoured Infantry)

A strange Russian package arrived the other day, a solid block of polystyrene wrapped in tape. My wife wondered if it was a bomb. I had to explain that I had just ordered some Russian toys. She responded “Of course you have.” Inside was a sort of starter set for Bronepehota (Armoured Infantry), a Russian […]

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Easy Foam Tile Terrain

Terrain building a what really got me into the wargaming hobby many moons ago, and after a short hiatus to play video games as a teenager terrain was what brought be back in my early 20s. Terrain can be frustrating though. Shop bought items can be rather pricey and home made stuff can be just […]

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Growing Neo-Arcane

I’ve been busy this week planning and painting my forces for Neo-Arcane and I think I’ve also come up with a fairly innovative points and activation system. First up I’ve added there Ghosts to my undead force I’ve now named the ‘Necrypt’. The corporation I’m now just calling ‘Core’ has gained a Sniper, Cyborg and […]

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The New Earth Engine

The following is a post from my old blog pictures and all. It’s a game I’ve often thought about revamping and I’ve recently been either stripping and fixing some of the same figures from this post or rebuying them. So you’ll probably see more stuff along these lines in the future. I’ve been rethinking the […]

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A Little Gaming Board

A little project I wanted to get done in the weekend just gone was a small gaming board for my anime-ish miniature skirmish game. I have somewhat of an obsession for playing games in smaller spaces and so I took a one foot square cork tile as the base. I cut the corners off of […]

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Quarantine Painting Projects

So over the last week I’ve been picking up those abandoned painting projects and either finishing them off or starting a few for the first time. I’ve painted three warbands for Darkfell. Zombie pirates and their controlling Voodoo Priests… Some Landschneckts… And some bizarre animal based knights. All minis are from Irregular and have their […]

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A smattering of projects…

So the Mrs and I after off to Disney World in Florida as of Saturday. I’ll be missing my usual hobby fix, but thought I’d post up what’s currently on the painting table. Firstly I picked up this set a long time ago and only just got round to finishing painting them – the Erin […]

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Weirwood Crones

Here’s my latest unit all ready to go! The Weirwood Crones (Sisters of The Thorn) add some speed and magic to my growing force. I’m also continually aware that this blog is supposed to be about cheap gaming, but the majority of units in the force have been salvaged from the bits box and the […]

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Merry Boxing Day! He’s is the report for a small game I played out this morning for some homebrew rules I’m calling ‘Darkfell’, I wanted something quick and simple that gave me that Mordheim feel. I used the ‘Markup’ function on my phone to put the text on to the pictures as I played, so […]

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Oathmark Goblins

A bit of an impulse buy here, but I was in a local model shop and spotted these: 30 Goblins for £20, not bad at all. They are part of the Oathmark range put out by Osprey and Northstar for their upcoming mass battle game. In the box you get 6 of the sprue above […]

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More Irregular Fantasy Bashing

Here’s where my latest bedroom floor game ended, with the Dwarves wiping the Elves out. I played with much smaller warbands this time of five figures each and both coming in at 100 points. 100 points seems to be the ‘sweet spot’. The Elves had: Two Wyches, a Warlock, a Warlord and a Wasp (I […]

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