Reducing my hobby debt

As previously mentioned I’m tracking my hobby spending this year and the value of finished models and trying to make the latter exceed the former.

I think rather than talking about piles of shame a hobby debt or deficit is a little healthier. I shouldn’t feel guilty for buying things I want, but keeping an eye on my spending and making sure I get maximum enjoyment out of my hobby spending is smart.

When I last reported on this I was pretty far behind, as of April 27th:

Hobby Spend: £583.06

Total Value painted: £350.52

At the end of May and into July the hobby spend stands at £620.24, I was a very good boy in May.

But what did I paint?

My IS-2 for Bolt Action, Zis-30 and a Shtrafbat squad.

A selection of figures from Irregular Miniatures I’ve already posted about.

Some Wasteman robots be had in a box for far too long and not done anything with:

I’ve also been pondering a version of Deathzap with multiple figure per base and so painted some figures for that:

All of which catches me up to £501.22, so I’m only £119.02 behind. Hopefully in June I’ll be able to keep up the hobby spend down and the painting output up!

One thought on “Reducing my hobby debt

  1. I do like the multiple basing on the Deathzap figures, and the Wasteman robots have a nice 1950s stove enameled Disney “Robots” vibe to them.

    Regards, Chris.

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