Let go and get weird

The wife and I went to the Broomhill Estate for our Wedding Anniversary (7 years) and took in some art. A lot of it was the sort of stuff you look at and don’t really ‘get’. But one piece really did get me. It’s called ‘Welcome to the Third Millennium’ by artist Mike Roles. It’s a series of sculptures that were very much like walking into a life size Blanchitsu diorama:

Inspired I returned home and decided to make some odd little things of my own:

I’m not entirely sure what you would call them, or what they’re for, but sometimes just making and painting for the sake of making and painting is liberatingly fun.

I expect deep artistic analysis in the comments.

They also pose a deep existential dread when I attempt to calculate my painted minis for the year against my spending. Especially if at auction this sort of madness could get thousands.

5 thoughts on “Let go and get weird

  1. All you need is a good agent with the right line in bull sh*t and you’ll be weighing your money rather than counting it 🙂

  2. Deep artistic analysis – OK, here goes: I really like what you’ve created, though overall maybe it’s all just a teensy bit…on the dark side? Any you didn’t just create one model in response, but loads, so it’s definitely in your blood.

    My fave is that cow with the head that is split open and the golden gazelle on the top. Obviously, it expresses the triumph of hope over the deathly despair of our everyday existence. Unless…is it a scale model of a cunning trench warfare machine actually dreamed up and used on the Western Front during WW1? You know, the strange apparition would trundle forward across No Man’s Land while the Hun goggled in disbelief until it reached their parapet, when out would spring Carruthers and the other 50 men concealed inside to launch a surprise attack. Nope, I think it must be what I said first.

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