Getting Stranger

That strange creativity flow hasn’t yet slowed down it seems as over the last week I’ve been adding even more odd creations to my collection.

The Town Guards

Starting with some town guards, they were your garden variety plastic knight figures in rough 54mm scale, with head replacements and added cocktail sticks. One guys weapon was replaced with a plesiosaur, and yes they are accompanied by a battle duck. They went through several painting iterations before I ended up here. I really wasn’t sure about them until I put a drop of bright orange ink in the centre of their ‘faces’ and then let it run down their bodies.

They of course needed a leader and in came the Baron. I had a plastic panther-ish tank and attached a horse to the turret, from there it just all seemed to flow naturally.

I think there’s something anti-war about this thing, so if you’ll humour my artsy fartsy analysis for a moment (although I will add none of this was intentional). On top the golden knight is representative of what war can be depicted as – bright, honourable and noble, but it isn’t long before your down in the trenches with the filth and corpses, and all that of it is lead by a literally ‘pig-headed’ figure. The lamb is probably representative of self sacrifice, but it is now in chains, tangled up in barbed wire in service to the literal war machine.

I have no idea what to think about a spatchcocked horse portal though:

Although all I was thinking is wanting a knight on a horse in a very fairground colour scheme emerging from something awful.

Although to engage in some deep psycho analysis for a moment (it’s no all artsy fartsy here honest), I seem to have spent a lot of time destroying human faces and my latest ‘gun thralls’ are no exception:

Either the faces are obscured, covered in clownish makeup or replaced entirely with rusted and geometric forms. The only ones that are allowed to keep their faces are the dead.

Again none of that was intentional either. Imagining a world without faces is probably a world which for me is far easier to live in since I experience pretty intense social anxiety and find myself somewhere on the autistic spectrum. If a face could be turned into a geometric puzzle to be solved or turned into a clownish caricature with very obvious emotion splattered on it I’d probably be far more comfortable (although a social gathering with everyone in clown make up would raise other fears). Can wargaming and hobbying even be therapy? Seems so!

As always now I have a decent sized collection of even stranger things my thoughts are turning to rules writing.

5 thoughts on “Getting Stranger

  1. Yep. That’s weird alright! I’d be very interested to see the rules that go with the tank/knight thingo.

  2. Yes, I’d say your creations are anti-war – they are more nightmarish than noble. In my experience, lots of wargamers are anti-war, or at least not pro-war, probably because they’ve studied the subject and thought about it. Interesting comment re autism, I hadn’t considered that angle. As for parties of clowns, that’s as scary a thought as a room full of dolls…

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