Hegemony of Synthos vs The Exiled Tribes – A Deathzap 4 Battle Report

The Exiled Tribes brought three squads of Pariahs each of seven men, two squads carry rifles with a single support repeater and the third squad has repeaters and a single destroyer, all squads of Pariahs are classed as basic. They also had a single squad of five Afflicted, which are elite troops armed with grenades.

Synths on the left with the white helmets, Tribes on the right.

The Hegemony had four squads of five B-Grade Synths. Three of the four squads have rifles, one with grenades and one with a destroyer. The fourth squad carried repeaters, one with grenades and one with a destroyer. All the Synths were classed as regular.

Every game needs a decent scenario especially a solo one otherwise you do run out of interesting choices to make, so using the old Deathzap 1 scenario generator I rolled for two objectives. I got Assassinate – Kill the opposing leader and MacGuffin – which is steal an objective in the centre of the board and carry it off your home board edge. Either side will score 3 victory points for each objective and 1 for each enemy unit they destroy. If neither side makes it off of the board with the MacGuffin I’ll give the side in control of it at the end of the game 1 point. I’ll play for four turns and then the winner is the side with the most points. In this instance I chose to ignore the current rule that if a side loses half of its unit it automatically routs.

Hegemony turn 1 was a lot of advancing and firing, they failed to cause any casualties, but poured a lot of fire into the Afflicted.

The Exiled Tribes’ first turn played out predictably at first, advancing and firing. Then the Afflicted activated and made it into Close Assault range of multiple Synth units, so I thought I’d go through the assault step by step.

The Afflicted near the MacGuffin (a wounded Sniper possibly with good intel) choose to stop the advancing Synths.
The first Afflicted dashes through the ruin and hurls a grenade into the unit of Synths killing three.
The first Synth makes a dash and fires at the Afflicted that just killed his comrades taking it out.
The second Afflicted made the same move as the first, dashing through the ruin and lobbing a grenade, but this time only managing to kill a single Synth.
The remaining Synth dashed behind an old wrecked beam tank and fired at the second Afflicted taking it out too.
The third Afflicted finished the job by exploding the final Synth.

At this point the second Synth unit chose to withdraw as it contained their officer who would likely die in the ensuing assault scoring the Tribes 3 victory points.

For Synth turn 2 the Afflicted squad sat in the centre certainly posed the biggest threat, not only were they sat on the MacGuffin, but they posed a huge Close Assault risk to any unit nearby. I thought the best defence here would be a good offence and tried to swing another Synth unit into the assault as they also had grenades:

However the casualty they had suffered actually caused them to fail their activation roll. So to clear out the Afflicted I was going to need to use the Officer’s squad.

So shielding the Officer behind a wall of bodies the squad moved up and hurled a grenade in, unfortunately only one Afflicted fell.
The first Afflicted dashed through the same ruin as before and took out two Synths both armed with Repeaters. I hadn’t realised my mistake in positioning the Synths until it was too late as losing both repeaters cuts out a huge assault punch and I should have used them first instead of the grenade as they actually are a bit more effective.
I (I think wrongly) moved the Officer up knowing his pistol was more effective up close than the Destroyer. He killed a single Afflicted.
The last Afflicted moved up and grenaded the Officer, and wiped the remainder of the Synth squad out as the Afflicted had scored more casualties.

The final Synth squad activated and advanced, but failed to really do anything else.

Exiled Tribes turn 2…

One close assault later and the Synths really were done so I called the game.

The Exiled Tribes won 7-0. 3 dead Synth squads, 3 points for killing the Synth Officer and 1 for being in possession of the MacGuffin (the last Afflicted grabbed it).

I really think I failed as a Synth commander but succeeded as an Exiled Tribes Warlord, which is always the case with solo games. I learned the importance of positioning figures within a unit before heading into a close assault, it really is a game within a game and that maybe a 2×2 is a little tight for games of Deathzap 4, since units can move a foot to enter into close assault.

It was all a lot of fun though and made me think a lot too.

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