Soldiers of the Combat

A big thanks to the Man of Tin for pointing these out on his blog:

I picked up three boxes and got one of each colour.

Each box contained 36 figures (in 8 possible poses), a flag (always German for some reason), some accessories all extremely oversized other than a potentially useful tree and 4 vehicles.

Here’s how the figures line up against my large and small Deathzap ones:

They all appear to be your standard Airfix or Matchbox copies.

Two Humvee-ish things and an odd looking jeep.
A Dingy and two speed boats with oddly hollow fronts (possibly for smuggling cocaine in an 80s action film) and swordfish detailing.
Three identically sculpted tanks, but two with lighter green hulls.
Three different planes.

If you’re interested the sets can be bought here:

They’re fun but I think they will have limited application for me. The lack of machine guns, flamethrowers, mortars even SMGs is what really hurts them in my opinion. Also the fact they are not as generic as my usual go-tos for Deathzap means they’re unlikely to slot into any of my forces. I think they’ll have to be a project unto themselves, but I’m not sure what that would be, for now they can sit in a drawer and wait for inspiration to strike.

5 thoughts on “Soldiers of the Combat

  1. I’m hoping to receive a couple of Space Battles set from Orion, a range I have only recently become aware of. Seems to be a waiting game while the seller checks price and availability. I assumed I’d just purchased them,… Still it’s 32 1/72 sci fi troops and 4 combat walkers, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. I agree with you, not the most imaginitive sets (but at £1 each can’t complain). Why do they include those oversized accessories???? BTW Those tanks are AMX-30s, maybe based on the `Solido model of the same.

  3. Thanks for posting the figure review – not bad value for a pound. Potentially useful but the oversized accessories are just cheap playset bizarre.

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