WW2 Fantasy Figures?

So I’ve painted those previously mentioned Dwarves.

For some reason I chose to mostly limit myself to using Citadel washes. The clothing was either Athonian Camoshade or Coelia Greenshade, all leather, pouches, straps and wood was given a coat of Agrax Earthshade, the skin Reikland Fleshshade and the metal Drakenhof Nightshade. The beards got a coat of Blood Angel’s Red contrast paint. Then everything was slathered with Nuln Oil and I chose to finally highlight the skin with Ushabti Bone.

I also built some humans:

Very similar paint job, switching the greens for reds.

I wanted trench-ish bases, and so after applying texture paint I pushed in broken matchsticks in and waited for it to dry.

The base then got a black wash and the matchsticks themselves got a dirty brown wash. After applying some static grass I edged the bases with grey.

All in all I’m really happy with the figures and how quick they were to paint. Before I jump in making Orcs, Elves and others, I should probably think about a game to play (probably one of my own invention, but other games are available).

I suppose any WW2 skirmish ruleset could apply, maybe with a few tweaks as you’d expect dwarves to be slower but tougher than your average human. In my original post I mentioned Panzerfauste which doesn’t quite fit aesthetically but could be a good option.

Who knows?

5 thoughts on “WW2 Fantasy Figures?

  1. I like the combination of old and new. I remember many years ago hearing of a fellow who wargamed in 54mm with fantasy figures that included Vikings with sub machineguns and giants. For Dwarf rules you could have one for tunneling and pioneer work. If you are influenced by Warhammer rules the dwarves are ‘stubborn’ and can re-roll leadership tests with leadership already quite high.

  2. Very inspiring ! Makes me want to dig through my bits box and knock up a couple of opposing Fantasy WW2 squads. I’m thinking Ralph Bakshi “Wizards” style. So more dark fantasy with guns rather than WW2 historical with Orcs.

    Incidentally if you go to wargames vault, check the “Panzerfäuste G2 Issue One” (Pay what you want) it has the Panzerfaust squad wargame rules in it.

  3. Ah! Thanks I’ll look that up. I have the original Steve Blease version, only the lite one though I think. But as always I’m tempted to write my own, I’ve had a blank word doc open on my computer for a while called ‘Fantasy Fire Fight’.

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