What’s on the desk? 21/05/22

I suppose I’ve never really done hobby updates, but in a relatively slow week I thought why not? The week has mostly been slow due to work being extremely tiring and me preaching this Sunday so a lot of my free time was preparing for that.

I painted up my Alien Recon Mercenaries from Irregular to add to my Rayman warband for my Super Simple Skirmish wargame.

They were good fun and it was surprisingly easy to get different poses by painting their big eyes looking in slightly different directions.

I’ve also been building up a Robot warband for the same game, painting them in Leopard print for some reason. My favourite figure is the larger Battle Robot from Irregular and I really like the little bit of dynamism I managed by adjusting his arms slightly.

There are infantry types and drones to go with him using Irregular’s 28mm Leadman and 2mm Four Legged Walker.

I finally got round to assembling a Zis-30 tank destroyer for Bolt Action which is a kit I’ve had forever but the metal, resin combo was putting me off, just got to paint it now.

I’ve also been gluing spare bolt action parts to Oathmark Dwarves for some sort of WW2 fantasy firefight thing. Anyone else remember Panzerfauste?

I’ve also had an arm to contend with, although this week was itchy rather than sore as I was on week two of healing this:

There’s a lot more shading to do too!

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