Just Your Basic Bloodvault

Grab some 25mm and 20mm square bases and glue them to a big die.

Add details with some more spare 25mm bases and a few stick on gems.

Then mount on a flight stand, glue sed flight stand to a 40mm base and cover on texture paint.

Then paint your bloodvault, try to make it look like the blood is leaking out in running toward the back of the vault to suggest motion.

The have it lead your army of weird ghosts. It’s big, mean and out to steal your DNA. No one knows why, probably because anyone that gets close to it has all of their blood sucked out.

3 thoughts on “Just Your Basic Bloodvault

  1. I’ve had some killer dice in my time, but nothing quite like that! BTW In some of your photos, the model casts a shadow on the base that throws it into darkness, which is quite a weird and threatening effect. I wonder if you could create that effect with paint?

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