Converting the Wobbly Stick Man

I’ve read a few times of Man of Tin’s masking tape repairs on old and damaged toy soldiers, but I never realised how versatile a little bit of tape could be.

The worst figure by far in the current figure set I use is the man with the wobbly stick. Although he is leagues ahead of his bigger brother. In the past I’ve tended to chop the wobbly stick off and use him for other things like a Vandrakkar.

He’s also more recently appeared as a Zandorian Warslave with a stun-prod, an Overlord with his wobbly stick cut into a Laser Sword and the arm with the wobbly stick has been used for a Golden Guard.

Yes the Overlord’s cape is toilet paper.

But then I tried wrapping masking tape around the wobbly stick, cutting it to shape and then applying brush on super glue and wow! The knife on this Mortan’s Men Butcher is masking tape, as is his apron.

It sets hard. Far harder than you’d think it would. So I kept going, here’s a Cambarian Stalker with a masking tape hat (the backpack is milliput).

And finally this Skiv Executioner:

There seems to still be plenty of mileage in these simple little figures. Wargaming really can be dirt cheap and be as much endless fun as your imagination is big!

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