The Forest vs The Bobbies

Our forces are as follows:

The Bobbies:

1 Inspector – Gunslinger, 15 Might

1 Detective – Gunner, 15 Might

1 Headsman – Berserker, 15 Might

1 Sarge – Soldier, 15 Might

2 Bobbies with Rifles – Soldier, 10 Might

2 Bobbies – Warrior, 10 Might

The Forest –

1 Witan – Monster, 32 Might

4 Thanes – Warrior, 11 Might

4 Thralls – Warrior, 6 Might

Deployment. The Bobbies start with 4 Fate and 4 Command. The Forest 4 Fate and 5 Command.
With the Forest getting the first turn the Witan thought it best to deal with the Bobbies’ Gunner. The Witan advanced, spent one Command for a second action, took a shot at the gunner and scored 12 on the dice. Not wanting to settle for a stun he upped it to 13 using 1 Fate and secured the kill.
The Thanes and Thralls all advanced into a line covering all the shrines.
The Bobbies countered by advancing across the line too, they managed to down some Thralls but that was it, and spent a good chunk of their Fate and Command leaving them on 2 of each.
The Forest restocked up to 6 Fate and 7 Command. The Witan smashed the Bobby directly in front of him after a Fate reroll, realising a Monster would be allowed to make a ranged attack and then charge I spent a Command and had him assault into the Sarge nearby and had to spend a Fate to get the extra distance. He fluffed his first attack roll and then his second after spending another Fate.
After much more advancing and charging little was achieved, although the Forest do have someone within 3” of every shrine.
The Bobbies restocked up to 4 Fate and 4 Command. The Headsman felled a Thane with ease. The Inspector shot at some Thralls and failed to do anything even with a Fate reroll. The Rifle armed Bobby in the centre ran out to meet a Thane nearby, spent a Command to shoot and missed. Sarge and the other Rifle Bobby fired hopelessly at the Witan and did nothing despite the Sarge’s reroll. Finally the last Bobby charged a Thane and failed to damage again even with a reroll.
The Forest Restock 7 Fate and 6 Command. The Thane on the left flank attacks their nearby Bobby and whiffs both their roll and reroll. The Witan throws his big rock at a Rifle Bobby and stuns him, wanting the kill though he Fate rerolls and gets it. He then spends a Command to charge the Sarge and kills him too! The remainder of the Forest’s turn is uneventful.
The Bobbies restock up to 4 Fate and 3 Command. The Headsman immediately downs some Thralls on the right flank. Nearby the Inspector attempts the same and does manage it albeit after spending 2 Fate and a Command. The other Bobbies fare worse, burning through Fate and achieving little. The Bobby on the left flank manages to stun his Thane, but that’s all.
The Forest restocks – 6 Fate and 5 Command. The Forest decided to see how the Thane’s fared before utilising the Witan. With the Thane on the left stunned, the Thane in the centre went to work and failed to stun or kill the Rifle Bobby. The Thane on the right however did well despite being stranded between the Inspector and the Headsmen, both better classes and 15 Might, compared to the Thane’s 11. The Thane ran for the Inspector and rolled a straight 16 and ripped the Inspector’s head clean off!
Now in an attempt to win the game here was the Witan’s cunning plan. Throw a rock at the Bobby on the left and kill him, then use a Command for a second action, charge the Rifle Bobby in the centre and stomp him into the dirt! Sadly the rock missed, but the charge was effective and the poor Bobby was turned into red pulp.
The Bobbies restock – 2 Fate and 2 Command. The Headsman downs the Thane that had previously devoured his Inspector’s head. The only other remaining Bobby failed to do anything.
Last turn of the game! The Forest restock – 8 Fate and 5 Command. The Thane on the left manages to kill his Bobby after using Fate to buff his roll.
Finally the Witan hurls a boulder at the Headsman. With Might 32 to the Headsman’s 15 he needed a 11 to Stun and a 13 to Kill. Rolling a 12 he spent a Fate to jump up to a 13 and the last of the Bobbies went Splat!

It goes without saying that fun was had. One of the things I began to notice throughout this game was how certain classes are better at utilising Fate and others Command, so depending on what your force has should determine how you restock. Basic classes are always better with Fate, Warriors can charge and will do little else so you want to stock up on Fate if you have a lot of Warriors so you can get those all important rerolls. Soldiers are similar but prefer ranged attacks. Without the ability to charge you would need to move a Soldier into base to base contact with an enemy and then spend a Command to have them make a melee attack. It is just easier to have them sit back and shoot. More advanced classes that can shoot, but also have the Charge ability like Gunslingers and Monsters are great when you have Command to spare. You can have them shoot at one target and then charge another maximising your killing potential. Fate would increase your chances of killing a single enemy, but Command opens up the possibility of killing two. Basically what you want is to be in charge of the shrines as that will make sure you’re well stocked up on both!

I’ve realised in the actual wording of the rules that:

The player whose turn it is gains 1 Fate or Command token for each fighter they have within 3” of a shrine.

This means that you could have a large group camp on a single shrine to generate a bucket load of Fate and Command. So I’ll be rewording that rule to:

The player whose turn it is gains 1 Fate or Command token for each shrine within 3” of at least one of their fighters.

If that feels to restrictive in future games I’ll go with the original wording but maybe cap the maximum amount that can be gained by a single shrine in one turn to 3 tokens.

I love the little puzzles that playtesting generates!

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