When are enough rules enough? Part 2 – Shooting and melee

After some comment reading and further playtesting, I’ve settled on the following rules for both shooting and melee in this much simplified version of Deathzap, the idea is to be able to take into account the various Sci-fi troop types without getting bogged down:


Medium Repeater24”6
Heavy Repeater36”6
Vehicle Destroyer48”3

A single hit is scored on a 6 regardless of weapon. The number of hits required to cause a casualty are as below:

 In the OpenSoft CoverHard Cover
Infantry, Beasts123
Light Vehicles123
Heavy Vehicles234

Vehicles and Monsters are big and tough that they are not automatically killed like other units and can only be harmed by Destroyers or Heavy Destroyers additionally when they would be taken as a casualty instead roll a die:

1No Effect, the unit was hit, but there are no lasting effects.
2-3Immobilised, the unit cannot move for the rest of the battle.
6Explodes – The unit is killed, and each unit within D6” takes D6 hits.

Any hits scored on a unit that were not enough to cause a casualty remain on the unit and are added to the hits of the next unit that fires on them. Any next unit must score at least one hit to take advantage of the remaining hits. Any remaining hits are removed at the end of the turn.


When two units come into base to base contact a bout of melee is immediately fought between them. All figures in both units are included. The unit that moved into contact counts as charging and therefore attacks first. Roll the total number of combat dice the unit has: The values on the table below are per figure, so 7 Infantry would roll 7 dice.

FigureCombat DiceCasualty
Light Vehicle33
Heavy Vehicle44

The unit scores a hit for each 6 rolled. The number of 6s required to cause a casualty on that unit type is as above. Any survivors in the other unit hit back in the same way. After both sides have attacked the side that took the most casualties is destroyed, unless the other side is completely wiped out. If the combat is a draw, both sides fight again this time dealing casualties simultaneously. Keep going until one side causes more casualties.

If a vehicle or monster becomes a casualty they are just removed from play, do not roll on the table above.

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